Travel to Unilag

How to get To Unilag From Futo

Traveling to Unilag?

There’re many ways you can take to get to Unilag depending on the transport company you use. Here in this post, we’ll look into the easiest way to travel to Unilag from Futo.

how To get to Unilag from futo

Before I get into the necessary steps you can take to get to Unilag, you should have in mind that this post does not contain tips on how you can get accommodation when you get to Unilag.

Make sure you plan where you’ll be staying ahead of time in order not to be stranded. Alright, let’s get into the steps.

Directions to Unilag from futo

step 1: enter a bus going to Lagos

Unilag is located near Yaba, so you’ll need to enter a bus going to Lagos which will stop you at Yaba or Okota or at least very close to the place.

The following steps will be based on experience and will show you how you could travel to Unilag

Step 2: book your journey with God is good motors

The easiest way to do this is to download their mobile app and book your journey there as you can see below…

Travel to Unilag

Step 3: enter a bike to yaba

Once you stop at the Cele/Okota Terminal, just enter a bike to Yaba. One easy way you can also do this is by booking a ride with Oride.

Travel to Unilag

You can download the Oride App on google play store. When you download it, create an account and book a ride from the bus park to Unilag. Note this is going to be a little expensive compared to the normal buses and bikes.

And you’re there!

You can call your friend to come pick you from the school gate.

Travel to Unilag

In conclusion:

If you have any questions or updates concerning traveling to Unilag, please share with us in the comment section below.

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