from Owerri to ABSU

How to get to ABSU From Owerri

Thinking of traveling to ABSU but are not sure how?

Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Just sit tight and learn the best way to get there with the least hassle and stress. Here, you’ll get the directions to get ABSU from Owerri.

how To get to ABSU From Owerri

Traveling to Absu from Owerri is actually simple and straightforward, but the downside is the poor road condition.

Due to the poor condition of the road leading to Absu, the Journey seems quite long, so just brace up.

Directions to absu from owerri

step 1: get to okigwe

There are two routes to get to Okigwe. Let’s see them.

You could choose to go through a recognized transport service, that is going to the park and taking a bus or you could just go ahead and enter any bus you come across going to Okigwe.

step 2: Get to I.t.c. (IMO transport company)

To go through a recognized transport service you could use I.T.C (Imo Transport Company). To get to I.T.C. you would stop at MCC Junction, from there you can enter a shuttle to get to I.T.C. It can cost up to #50 naira.

From I.T.C. enter a bus going to Okigwe. This could also cost about #500 – #700 on a good day but could easily get as high as #1000 naira.

When you stop at Okigwe, at I.T.C park, take your left from the gate and enter a bus going to Absu. The bus will take you into the school past Absu Up-Gate and will stop you in the Absu park.

Absu Up Gate
Absu Up Gate

From here, you just come out and enter the school through the main gate (Absu Main Gate)

Absu Main Gate

In conclusion:

If you have any questions or updates concerning traveling to Absu, please share with us in the comment section below.

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